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Personal account
10 € / month

A personal communication platform

Suitable for elderdly and other special needs groups who require ease usability to contact friends, family, carers, nurses, therapists, rehabilitators and other service providers, not to forget volunteer based services. Includes a video room for meeting friends and a web-cafe where you can meet and talk to people with similar interests. Calls and alerts to nurses can be done with one push of a button. Incoming calls show up as a regular phone call, and nurse calls can be automatically connected if answering is too troublesome.

A free 2 week trial
Price 10 € / month / user

Customer servant
30 € / month

A personal video call tool

An excellent tool for nurses and rehabilitators using video calls in work tasks. Invite anonymous end users on a web page, either in Live Chat or with an email invitation to your video room for a one-on-one call or a group meeting. You can create 100 video rooms for different uses and have meetings with up to 20 people.

A free 2 week trial
Price 30 € / month / customer servant

Video room on a web page
10 € / open for 16 hours / month

An open group meeting space or remote cafe

Suitable for a website-based group space, an open or closed reception, or informal group meetings. Just add a link and opening hours on the web page, and a host can open the meeting room for your website’s visitors.The meeting room has 20 customer spots.

A free 2 week trial
Price 10 € / open for 16 hours / month

Webinars as a service
200 € / webinar

Webinars and training events as a service

Suitable for hosting large events and webinars. Includes technician services, speakers’ audio and camera testing in advance, a personal video room with a chat for speakers and VIP guests as well as a YouTube Live Stream and video recording on your YouTube account for viewers. The maximum number of speakers and VIP guests is 30 people and the viewer count on YouTube is unlimited.

Webinars are an additional service and are subscribed together with customer service licences.

A free 1 webinar trial
Price 200 € / webinar

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Starter project
3 000 € / 3 months

A supported integration of Vooler, including training, phone support and service design.

Suitable for organizations that wish to have provide remote services smoothly, and give a good user experience for end users and customer service providers. Includes:

  • Online-training for customer service providers 1-3 people
  • 2 customer service improvement workshops with Vooler
  • Direct phone support on weekdays (9 – 15)
  • Support for customer service designer or project manager

Price 3 000 € / 3 months
Contact: Mika Wenell, +358 40 1737211

Vooler Retailer Products

Haltija: YetiMove with Vooler

YetiMove is the easiest video call solution for nursing home residents.

Yetimove is a smaller, more mobile and affordable alternative for seniors in nursing homes who wish to easily contact their relatives. It fits easily in front of a wheelchair or next to a bed and it can be moved between rooms effortlessly.

Reseller: Haltija Oy

Vooler Customised Services

Customised Solutions

A customized video call platform for based on your needs.

Vooler can be fully customized, including user interface changes, new functionalities, API-interfaces and integration to customer’s own systems.

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