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Vooler Video Calls

Vooler brings safe and fast voice and video calls into your customer service.

Fast and easy video calls make customer service pleasant and efficient.

Vooler is a voice and video call service that has been designed for making customer service easier, as it brings your clients face to face with the customer service team for a pleasant way of solving problems and providing support. Vooler is especially suitable for providing healthcare and rehabilitation at a distance, online customer support and sales, as well as Live Chat services.

Vooler in healthcare and rehabilitation

Save money and improve the level of your service by providing a portion of your customer support with Vooler video calls, meetings and carer calls.

Vooler in online sales and customer service

Improve your sales and customer service with fast and easy Vooler video calls on your website, in Live Chats, and on video screens placed in your business spaces.

Vooler custom solutions

Want to integrate Vooler video calls into your service or make entirely new kind of video services? We will build you a customized solution.


Our team would love to demonstrate the Vooler service and have a chat with you. Ask for a demonstration in Live Chat right away, or book an appointment with our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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All you need:

  1. Microphone and a webcam
  2. Mobile or desktop browser

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