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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Vooler?

Vooler is a video call system that has been developed for the following uses:

  • Care and rehabilitation services provided at a distance with the use of a video call
  • Online sales and customer service provided with a video call
Vooler has been built with the following in mind:
  • Easy to use
  • No confusing or unnecessary features
  • No software installations necessary
  • Comfortable for users such as the elderly users and special needs groups
  • Convenient and fast to use tool for professionals in the service industry
  • System that makes providing customer service through video calls effortless
How can I test Vooleria?

Our Live Chat -team would be happy to demonstrate how Vooler works. Contact them directly, or book a time that is convenient to you. Try first hand how the Vooler video call system works

Where can I ask for help with using Vooler?

If you are an end user of Vooler, ask help from your customer service representative. If this is not possible, contact us by using Live Chat or support ticket form in this page.

If you are our client, contact us by using Live Chat or support ticket form in this page.

How can I report an error?

Fill in the error report by using the support form below. We are grateful for your help with making Vooler better.

Vooler customer support

Following support helps you at office hours:

  • Live Chat
  • Support ticket form

More support services are available as an additional service.

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