App Privacy Policy - Vooler

Webaitio Oy Vooler-app register privacy policy

1 Register holder

Webaitio Oy
Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 A
20520 Turku

2 Liaison of register related matters

Teijo Pöyhönen
+358 44 213 6072

3 Name of the register

The Vooler video call service’s customer register (”Customer register”).

4 The legal basis and purposes of personal data usage

The purpose of using personal data is:

  1. the delivery and development of our products and services,
  2. fulfilling contracts and our other promises and responsibilities,
  3. managing our customer relationships,
  4. analyzing and profiling the behaviour of a customer or other registered user,

We use automatic decision making (including profiling) to recognize user profiles, online behaviour and age. We use this data for example to develop our services. The processing of personal data is legitimated on the grounds of a customer relationship and/or other appropriate connection, the enforcement of the contract and consent.

5 The register’s data content and the groups of the registered user

Along with the customer register the register holder handles the following personal data of the customer or other registered user, such as a trainee:

  • the basic data of the registered user, such as name, date of birth, trader identification number, username and/or other individualised identifier, password, gender and native tongue;
  • the contact information of the registered user, such as email, phone number and address;
  • information regarding the company or its liaisons, such as business ID and the names and contact information of the liaisons;
  • information regarding customership and contracts, such as data on previous and existing contracts and orders as well as other transactions;

6 Regular sources of information

We receive data primarily from the following sources: from you, the customers of our service and other corresponding and reliable directions.

In addition personal data can be collected and updated for uses described in this privacy policy from publicly available sources and based on information received from public officers or other third parties according to the applicable law.

7 Regular release of information and data transfer outside the EU and ETA

We don’t release data from the register to third parties.
We use subcontractors in the processing of personal data. We have outsourced IT-management to an external service provider on who’s administered and secured server personal data is stored.

8 The principles of the personal data protection and data preservation time

Only the employees whose roles involve processing customer data are entitled to access the system containing personal data. Each user has their own username and password to the system. The data is gathered to databases protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases and their backups are located in locked spaces and the data can be accessed only by specific, predetermined individuals.

We preserve personal data for one month after username elimination.

We estimate the need to preserve data regularly in consideration of the applicable law. In addition we take care of such reasonable measures that help ensure that any personal data regarding the registered user that is considered incompatible, outdated or incorrect isn’t preserved in the register. We correct or obliterate this kind of data promptly.

9 The rights of the registered user

You have the right to verify any data regarding yourself stored in the person register and demand correction or obliteration to any incorrect, outdated, unnecessary or illegal information. If you have access to your own data, you can also edit the information yourself. To the extent as the data usage is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw or change said consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent doesn’t affect the legitimacy of data usage before the withdrawal.

You have the right to object to or ask for limitations on the use of your data and file a complaint on personal data processing to a supervising authority.

For special personal reasons you also have the right to object to processings directed at yourself when the data usage is based on legitimate benefit. In addition to your demand you must individualise the specific situation on the grounds of which you object to the data usage. We can refuse to execute the request regarding the demand only based on principles stated in the law.

10 Who can you be in contact with?

All contacts and requests concerning this policy must be expressed in writing or in person to the contact person designated at section two (2).