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Vooler video calls for remote service providers

Vooler’s easy, safe and Finnish-speaking video calls make using remote services pleasant and efficient 😀.


User-friendly video calls make using remote services pleasant and simple

Vooler is a video and voice call service designed to provide the end user with remote services from caretakers and other service providers on a single platform. Vooler is particularly suitable for remote care, distance rehabilitation, support group meetings and creating remote services that require service design.

Remote healthcare with Vooler

Vooler offers the required properties to create remote services over video calls. The patient uses Vooler with a tablet provided by a care service provider, or alternatively with their own device. The caretakers, nursing staff, relatives, friends and other service providers use Vooler via web browser on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Let’s see what kind of new remote services would bring you new business!

Rehabilitation, therapy and other remote services with Vooler

Vooler has been designed in collaboration with Verve to make providing services easy for remote service professionals and customers. The service process includes sending invitations with meeting-specific instructions, today’s meeting schedule and customer-specific video rooms. Let’s see what kind of a process would work with your remote services!

YetiMove – Video call solutions for seniors in nursing homes

YetiMove is a smaller, more portable and affordable alternative to elderly patients in nursing homes who wish to communicate with their families. Vooler has designed them a video call solution that might be the easiest solution for video calls with relatives in the world. It fits around wheelchairs and hospital beds and it can be moved from room to room effortlessly. YetiMove’s mechanical arm adjusts it to suit even residents lying in bed. Watch the video and contact the retailer Haltija.

Learn more about YetiMove »

Volunteer services – Help for loneliness and many other things

Vooler has collaborated with volunteer organizations for a long time to make volunteer services more accessible for the elderly and special user groups. Would you like to help volunteer work reach your customers?

The benefits in a nutshell

  • Accessibility with service design.
  • Remote visits help reduce the nurses’ strain, turnover and cost.
  • Improves service level by giving remote assistance at the right time for the exact need.
  • Group activities remotely both for regulars as well as occasional customers.
  • A chance to use own devices creates savings and a familiar device brings reassurance.
  • YetiMove is the easiest video call solution for seniors in nursing homes
  • Caretakers get remote peer support and expertise from carers.
  • Using volunteer services on Vooler improves everyone’s experience.

Easy to call

Different user groups are matched with an user interface that best fits their ability. At the easiest, a nurse does everything remotely on behalf of the user, and the user only has a single button that calls the user’s own nurse group.

Works with live chat

Vooler can also be used with all browser-operated live chats (i.e. giosg Live Chat). Start a video call in a live chat conversation whenever it can make providing a service easier.


Vooler is designed to be user-friendly for the elderly, people suffering from memory loss, different therapy and rehabilitation groups, and nurses. Different user groups have been matched with the most suitable user interfaces, with only the necessary features. In extreme cases the user doesn’t have to do anything, and using Vooler is made completely automatic and effortless.

When to use Vooler

Vooler is suitable for providing all kinds of services that use video calls and meetings.

  • Doing remote care visits partly and at the right time reduces costs and increases the amount of support provided.
  • Group therapy sessions ease the participation of physically challenged individuals and people with busy schedules.
  • Peer groups help with loneliness when movement is limited.
  • Fitness groups continue rehabilitation services remotely when going to classes becomes difficult.
  • Clubs bring together people with the same interests from near and far.
  • Church services can be brought to home when attending church becomes difficult.
  • Video meetings with relatives brighten up the day even more than phone calls.
  • A remote janitor can help with spontaneous installations and estimate in advance what needs to be done during a maintenance visit.


  • Works on computer and mobile device browsers without software installations
    • Computer browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera
    • Mobile devices: Android phones and tablets, iPhone ja iPad
  • The Vooler app makes the use even more easier
    • Besides browser use, the Vooler app is available for customers’ mobile devices in the Google and Apple application stores
    • On tablets the Vooler app is pre-installed or installed by a nurse
  • User management and permission control
  • Fulfills the WCAG-standard AA-level
  • Multilingual: Finnish, Swedish ja English, extra languages at request
  • User phonebook
  • Individual and group calls
  • Both registered and unregistered end users (anonymous guests)
  • Remote visits using video calls
  • Group sessions and activities using video calls
  • Supervised group rehabilitation sessions using video calls
  • Nurse invitations for different nurse groups
  • Family and friend calls
  • A nurse can do things on behalf of the end user (i.e. put the microphone on/off)
  • Basic features in video rooms (i.e. microphone on/off, camera on/off, chat, screen sharing).

Diverse service design and customization

Vooler can be designed and customized to meet any needs, including user interface changes, new functionalities, API-interfaces and integration to customer’s own systems.

Support services

  • Live Chat -support (during office hours)
  • Email-support (during office hours)
  • Additional support according to contract


We would love to demonstrate Vooler for you and answer all your questions in Live Chat. You can also check out Vooler’s demo-cafe or subscribe to a free 2 week trial. What would suit you best?

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. A microphone and a web camera
  2. A mobile or desktop web browser

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