Manual for Vooler in Giosg Live Chat

On this page you will find the user manual for Vooler Video in Giosg Live Chat service. If you cannot find any answers for your issue, do not hesitate to contact us.

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1. Installing the Vooler app

The customer must install the app themselves, like with all Giosg apps. This is because the customer must accept the terms of service for the app during installation. The installation is done once for the entire organization, after which it will be available to all users.

1. Open ”Settings” from the top of the Giosg console
2. Open the ”Apps” tab from the left
3. Press the ”Install” button below the Vooler Video Chat app

If the Vooler Video Chat app is not visible, please contact support

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 1. Giosg settings, “Apps” tab


4. Accept the terms of service to install the app

Tick the box for accepting the terms of service, and click ”Install and setup”

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 2. Giosg settings, Vooler installation

Vooler will not be fully functional after installation. Please contact Vooler support after the above steps are completed, so that installation can be completed.

2. Giosg rule creation

In the Giosg settings, a “rule” must be created. The rule will load the video chat app into the chat window on the customer’s website. The rule executes JavaScript code, which loads the Vooler app. This will always load the newest version of the app onto the website.

1. Open ”Settings” from the top of the Giosg console
2. Open the ”Rules” tab from the left
3. Click the ”Create new rule” button under the ”Rules for all rooms” heading

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 3. Giosg settings, “Rules” tab


4. Set the rule’s name to ”Vooler Video Chat visitor script”
5. Enable the rule with the ”ON / OFF” switch
6. From the ”Perform this action” dropdown, select ”Run a custom JavaScript”

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 4. Giosg settings, rule creation

If ”Run a custom JavaScript” is not available, please contact Giosg customer service and request enabling this type of rule (“Run a custom JavaScript”)

7. Copy the below code into the ”Code” text box

// Load Vooler Video Chat visitor script 
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type = "text/javascript";
script.src = "";
var head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; head.appendChild(script);

8. Press the ”Save” button

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 5. Giosg settings, JavaScript code

If the ”Save” button is not working, please contact Giosg customer support and request allowing this type of rule (“Run a custom JavaScript”)



Below is a list of all of the buttons available in the app (some of these are contextual, and may not be visible always.

1. Basic functionality

Start call

Video enabled

Microphone enabled

Camera switch

switch between video sources


Screen sharing

Additional functionality


2. Vooler in the Giosg console

1. Requesting a call

The visitor can request a video or audio call by pressing the corresponding button in the chat window.

Vooler - Giosg Manua
Picture 1. Vooler Video Chat, requesting a call


2. The visitor has sent a call request

The chat window will inform the visitor that a call request has been sent.
The visitor can press “Cancel” to cancel the call request, which will cause the app to move back to the previous view.

Vooler - Giosg Manua
Picture 2. Vooler Video Chat, canceling a call request


3. Open the chat window with the visitor

When the visitor sends a video call request, the Gisog console will show a circle with the text “Vooler Video Chat”. A similar circle will show up for audio call requests.

At this stage, the visitor is still waiting. The text chat is available as normal.

4. Open the drawer on the right hand side of the chat window
5. Select the list of apps from the top of the drawer

Open Vooler Video Chat from the list of apps

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 3. Giosg console

Note: If Vooler Video Chat is not visible in the list of apps, please contact Vooler or Giosg customer support

6. The visitor can now join the video or audio call

After you’ve opened the Vooler Video Chat app, the app list will be replaced with the app window. At this stage, the visitor will be able to join the video or audio chat.

Vooler - Giosg Manual
Picture 4. Giosg console and the visitors view of the app

Chat interface

1. Mute / unmute the microphone

The green border around the button will change in size when the microphone is working and transmitting audio. This makes it easy to see when your own microphone is functional.

2. Enable / disable your own video camera
3. Show / hide your own video view
4. Screen sharing
5. Fullscreen

In the fullscreen mode the customer service agent will still get notifications of new chat requests. If there is a new video or text chat message, a corresponding icon will appear on the top of the screen.

6. Switch video source

This button allows you to switch between video sources, like the front and back facing cameras of a smartphone. The button will not be visible if only one video source has been detected.

7. Mute / unmute incoming audio

The green border around the button will change in size when the other person is speaking. If the border is visible, but no audio can be heard, please check your audio output settings.

8. End the call

Picture 5. Giosg console and the visitors view of the call