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Welcome to the support page of Vooler addon for Live Chat services. Please read the FAQ below or refer to the Live Chat specific support pages for more information. If you cannot find any answers for your issue, do not hesitate to contact us.


Frequently asked questions


How can i allow use of my camera if i have denied it?

If you have denied the access to use the connected microphone or video camera, it is possible to allow them later from the browser settings. Where and how the permission can be made, differs depending what browser you are using.

You need to open settings of your browser and allow settings of camera and microphone permissions.

My microphone is connected but it does not work. How can i fix it?

If your microphone is correctly connected, check that it has been selected as the audio input source for your device.

My video camera is connected but it does not work. How can i fix it?

Check your camera connection, if it is correct check that it has been selected as the video input source of your device.

If the Vooler Video app in your mobile phone recognises several video sources the “Camera switch” – button should be visible. This feature allows you to cycle through available video sources. For example front and back cameras in a mobile device.

Where are the manuals?

Where is the support of giosg Live Chat?

Please, go to the homepage of giosg to find their support services.

How can i ask a new question from you?

Please, use the live chat at bottom right and ask your question from us.