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Face-to-face service at a distance
Remote service with video

Bring video-calls onto your shop floors, reception or offices with Vooler remote service solution.

Face-to-face service at a distance

Bring your customer service to the end user with Vooler videochat.

Bring new touch points to your clients
Be present for your customer base in new places and with more flexibility by bringing video-calls onto your shop floors, reception or offices.

Customised for you

Adopt the basic product or let us customise everything according to your preferences, as well as apply your branding.

We can also customize the layout and features so that the remote service solution will perfectly for your needs.


Let’s have a call

We will invite you to a call via link, or you can ask for a call on our Live Chat when available.

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. Microphone & Camera
  2. Mobile or desktop browser

Our other services

There are many ways how Vooler can improve and help your service with video tools. Find out more about our current services. If you have ideas how Vooler could help you, contact us and let’s discuss about it.

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