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Now available on giosg
Vooler for Live Chat

Vooler video chat is now available as an add on service for Giosg Live Chat


VOOLER meeting

Joining a Vooler meeting is easy and can be used in several ways. The meeting can be joined via links and buttons or integrated within your service. Vooler can be customised with your company logos and colors.

Easy to use

Vooler for groups is a video call service that does not require any applications or accounts to be used.

  • No application needed
  • No need to register accounts
  • Simple to use
  • wide selection of features

Advanced features

VOOLER is designed to be easy to use while still including wide variety of useful features.

  • Chat with pinned message
  • Camera & Microphone controls
  • Screen and video sharing
  • Switching video and audio sources
  • Recording & other Host only features

Vooler for service providers

Vooler can be integrated to Live Chat services so that the users of your service can easily take advantage of the benefits of 1 on 1 video call.

Vooler for live chat services

We have already created an Vooler video app for giosg Live Chat service. The app allows customers and agents use video chat seamlessly within the Live Chat.

Customer agent can open the Vooler video app within the giosg agent view which will then give the customer a chance to join the call, all within the chat window.

Vooler video app for giosg live chat to enable:

  • video call within giosg live chat window
  • Screenshare and other Vooler features



Integrated to giosg agent tools

Vooler app is integrated to giosg agent tools. Agents have the ability start a video call with a customer when they feel it is needed. The call can be had within the giosg tools and there is no need to move to a external website or service.

Let’s have a call

We will invite you to a call via link, or you can ask for a call on our Live Chat when available.

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. Microphone & Camera
  2. Mobile or desktop browser

Our other services

There are many ways how Vooler can improve and help your service with video tools. Find out more about our current services. If you have ideas how Vooler could help you, contact us and let’s discuss about it.