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With video you can create better customer service experiences and tackle issues with more visual approach. Here you can read more about our Vooler based services.

Vooler for groups

Joining a Vooler meeting is easy and can be used in several ways. The meeting can be joined via links and buttons or integrated within your service. Vooler can be customised with your company logos and colors.

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Vooler for Live Chat services

Vooler is a excellent way to enhance your Live Chat services. With video you can instantly see the issue and offer better assistance. It is also a good way to show your products to interested customers.

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Vooler for remote service

Create new ways to provide service to your customers remotely.

Be present for your customer base in new places and with more flexibility by bringing video-calls onto your shop floors, reception or offices.

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Custom Vooler solutions

You can already customize the vooler meeting with your own colors and logo.

We recognize the importance of integrating the service as integral part of existing services. We are happy to discuss how Vooler could fit within your service or website.

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We will invite you to a call via link or you can ask for a call on our Live Chat, when available.

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. Microphone & Camera
  2. Mobile or desktop browser