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Vooler Video Chat is now available as an add on service for Giosg Live Chat

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Vooler Video Chat

Your most valuable web site visitors want to have instant and personal service when they visit your web site. Vooler Video chat gives your live chat agents an opportunity to have a personal video and voice chat with customers. It can be used by online sales persons or customer support staff.


Vooler Video Chat is embedded into giosg Live Chat user interface. This makes it easy to use.

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  • Video & voice chat in giosg Live Chat.
  • No app installation, instant use in browser.
  • Designed for online customer service and sales.
  • Quick and easy communication.
  • Video chat solves more complicated issues faster and more comfortably.
  • Introduce products and solve issues better when you can see them.
  • New way to do online sales and customer service.
  • Training services and support for your business development

Examples How to Use

  • Product demonstrations from showroom
  • Help customer choose the right product for his/her living room
  • Remote setup and assistance of products
  • More complicated online customer support situations
  • Real estate presentations


Unlike video meeting solutions as Teams, Google Meet and Zoom, Vooler is designed to serve online sales and customer service needs. It improves the live chat user experience and makes many complicated issues easier to solve. It is embedded in giosg Live Chat as you can see on the right.

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Unlike other video meeting solutions Vooler is used by browser both in mobile and desktop. This means that users do not install any mobile app or desktop software, they just allow the use of camera and start talking as you can see on the left. Isn’t it easy and quick?.

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Vooler is designed to deliver easy to use video and voice chat sessions for customer service and sales staff. No confusing extra features and hassle. On the right you can see how it works in giosg Live Chat user interface

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We would like to show you an instant live demo? Are you ready?

  1. Open the live chat popup
  2. Send a message to us and ask live demo.
  3. We will make Vooler video call with you.

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Simple Features for Easy Use

Video Chat

Camera on / off

Voice Chat

Mic on / off


Show / hide chat



Advanced Features for Special Cases

Camera switch

Switch camera front / back


Show video in fullscreen

Screen Sharing

Share screen or window

Good to Know Features

Language Support

English, Finnish, Swedish | New languages order basis

Desktop Browser support

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari

Mobile Browser support

Android Chrome, iPhone/iPad Safari

Vooler Service Plans

Agent Room

30 € / m

324 € / y

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Personal video chat room for one agent. Recommended when agents may use Vooler rooms at same time.

  • Video chat and voice chat modes
  • Mic on / off, camera on / off, speaker on / off, hangup
  • Camera switch*, full screen*, screen sharing*
  • Agent initiates use of video chat when needed
  • UI embedded in giosg UI
  • email login
  • Designed for giosg live chat

Shared Room

100 € / y

1080 € / y

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One shared video chat room for a team. Recommended when agents of the team may share the same Vooler room and use it at different times.

  • Video chat and voice chat modes
  • Mic on / off, camera on / off, speaker on / off, hangup
  • Camera switch*, full screen*, screen sharing*
  • Agent initiates use of video chat when needed
  • UI embedded in giosg Live Chat UI
  • Unlimited number of agents
  • Agents can use one shared room one at a time
  • Designed for giosg live chat

* depends of the browser support

Optional Deployment Investements

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  • 450 € – Online live training for staff
  • 500 € – Think tank workshop for business development
  • 2000 € – Two months rollout support
  • 120 € / h – Customising works and development projects

all prices are VAT 0%

Interested in Giosg Live Chat?

If you don’t have giosg Live Chat yet, you need to add it first in your web site. It helps engage your website visitors in meaningful interactions that improve customer experience, generate leads, and increase your sales. Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you and find what they need.

When you have the service in place, you can order Vooler Video Chat as premium app.