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Vooler video chat is now available as an add on service for Giosg Live Chat

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Vooler Video Chat

Your most valuable web site visitors want to have instant and personal service when they visit your web site. Vooler Video chat gives them a personal service and opportunity to have a video chat with your customer service agents. It can be used by online sales persons or customer support staff.


It is time to upgrade your customer service to the era of video chat communication. Vooler Video Chat is embedded in giosg Live Chat user interface. This makes it easy to use for both your website visitors and customer service agents. Contact us to start the upgrade.

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  • Every third site visitor prefers voice or video chat instead of textual, keep all visitors happy
  • Video chat solves more complicated issues faster and more comfortably
  • Visualising things with video helps understand easier and better what is it about
  • Vooler Video Chat is embedded in giosg Live Chat user interface


Video call

In browser | WebRTC

Voice call

In browser | WebRTC


Controls On / Off

Camera switch

Switch used camera front / back



Screen sharing

Switch used camera front / back

Video recording

Not included in the standart package

Language support

English, Finnish, Swedish | Languages order basis

Browser support

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari | iOS Safari and Android

Interested in Giosg Live Chat?

If you don’t have giosg Live Chat yet, you need to add it first in your web site. It helps engage your website visitors in meaningful interactions that improve customer experience, generate leads, and increase your sales. Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you and find what they need.

When you have the service in place, you can order Vooler Video Chat as premium app.