Voolerin lisääminen web-sivulle - Vooler

How to Add Vooler to Your Web Page

This page will guide you how you can invite users to your video rooms at your web pages. It is easier for your users to join when they are available in your web page.

You have four options how to use Vooler at your web page:

  • Add link to the room at the web page.
    A public direct link to the video room is a good choice for very easy joining and public meetings. Remember to use lock feature in video meeting rooms if the meeting is not public.
  • Use Live Chat to invite users to your video room and meetings.
    Very useful solution for live chat service person who wants to have quick video calls with selected customers. It enhances the textual live chat with a video call option when the service person wants to have a video call.
  • Add link to a generic Vooler joining page.
    Easy to use joining to many video rooms by using “secret” room codes to join the right video room. This is recommended for open volunteer group meeting rooms and private one to one meetings (with use of lock feature in the room).
  • Embed joining form in your web page.Elegant way to have the joining form in a branded page, e.g. at organisation’s own homepage. requires technical skills to add the form and Javascript code in the web page.

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