Chrome Extension Help - Vooler

Vooler Extension Help

How to start using Vooler extension:

  1. Use Chrome browser in a computer.
  2. Log in Vooler as Professional user.
  3. Install Vooler extension from Chrome Web Store.

Now you have the Vooler extension installed in your browser as well as you have an active Vooler account. It lets you use certain features provided by Vooler, such as pasting your personal invite messages to video calls and getting notified when you receive incoming calls to your Vooler account.

How to invite users by using Vooler Extension

  1. Go to any web page and click the text box (e.g. live chat message field) you want to use to send your invite.
  2. Hold “ctrl” and “alt” (“Option” in Mac) keys and press “v” to open a list of invitation messages. You can now see all of your invitation message templates (ctrl + alt + v).
  3. Create a new invitation message by writing it in the empty row (text before and after the invitation link).
  4. Modify an existing message by editing its text boxes. All changes are saved as you write.
  5. Remove an existing message by clicking “Remove” button.
  6. Paste an invitation message by clicking the “Paste” button. This will paste its content into the textbox you selected in step 1.
  7. If it is detected that you did not select a text box in step 1, you will be allowed to copy a template message by clicking the “Copy” button

How to get alerts from incoming Vooler calls

Vooler extension automatically awaits calls from the Vooler service once you have logged in. If you receive a call, you will be notified as follows:

  1. When you use Chrome browser, a red circle will be visible to the top right of the actual page.
  2. If you use another application, you get a notification on your screen.

Answer the call on Vooler service page by clicking the red circle or by following the notification’s instructions.

How to find this help later

When you login to Vooler, there will be a button (top) which opens the extension help and link to this page. Or go to -> Support -> Extension Help.

Why Vooler sometimes asks me to login

Vooler extension can be used only if you are logged in. However, your login will expire in some time and you have to login again. When this happens, the extension will open new tab and asks you to login and retry again.

Special cases

  1. The extension does not work on empty page, e.g. you start the browser and your address field is empty