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Improve your customer service
Vooler Video Calls

Improve your online sales and customer support services with Vooler’s quick and easy video calls on your website, Live Chat and on screens in your facilities.

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Easy and Quick Video Calls

Vooler’s video calls are designed for fast and effortless video calls with customers. No unnecessary buttons or features, only streamlined user interface and pleasant customer experience. Vooler’s keyboard shortcut (copy & paste) help you send a video call invitation in just moments, and a conversation face to face can begin.

Video Calls in Live Chat

Vooler is designed to work with Live Chat -services. Using it is simple, because the Live Chat customer support representative chooses who and when they will send an invitation to launch a video call by using the Vooler keyboard shortcut (ctrl + alt + v). Helping your customers is easier and more pleasant with face to face interaction.

Fri 11:00 – 12:30

Customer Service Online

On your website, a visitor can launch a video call with a customer representative by a simple click of a button. As an example you could add to your online store a video room where experts introduce new products and answer questions. It is easy and clear for a client to use Vooler for a video call, and it does not require creating an account or installing software.

Customer Service at a Distance in Your Facilities

At a remote customer service point a wall-mounted screen or Vooler’s QR code and printed shortlink brings your customer support where the client needs it. The customer service has a continuous video connection to your facilities, or alternatively the customer can call to alert customer service directly.


Our team would love to demonstrate the Vooler service and have a chat with you. Ask for a demonstration in Live Chat right away, or book an appointment with our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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VOOLER vaatimukset

Kaikki mitä tarvitset on:

  1. Mikrofoni ja webkamera
  2. Mobiili- tai työpöytäselain


Features in the list can be switched on or off based on customer needs.

Ominaisuus Asiakas­palvelija Auditorio
Vooler Chrome extension for Live Chat agents (invite message by ctrl + alt + v)
Embedded incoming to the Vooler room in your web site
Microphone on/off
Camera on/off
Exit call
Speaker on/off
Private messages
Screen/window sharing
Full screen
Unregistered participants
Remote control of participants
Live chat support
Email support
Customized solutions
Max participants 20 100

Versatile Customisation

Vooler can be customised to meet all your requirements, including changes to the user interface, new functionalities, APIs, and integrating with the client’s own system.

We do custom solutions together with our development partner Indium Technology Oy. In addition to customising Vooler, they have expertise to prototype and create fully functional mobile and web applications. Read more at https://indium.fi.

Customer Support

  • Live Chat support (office hours)
  • Email support (office hours)
  • Additional cost phone support (6 – 22)