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Save time with faster remote healthcare services
Vooler in healthcare

Save in service production costs and improve the quality of your service by providing part of the care with Vooler video visits, online sessions and calls to alert a carer.

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Vooler System

Vooler has all the necessary features for delivering high quality care and rehabilitation services from a distance. Vooler is delivered as Software as a service (SaaS). The client, a third party or Vooler’s partners will take care of the devices needed by users, such as tablets or computers.

Easy to Call

Vooler is a flexible system – each user group will be using an appropriate interface and way of initiating a call that is most suitable for their needs. At its simplest, a carer will take all the steps of controlling the call at a distance, and the end user has only a single button for initiating a call to their own care provider.

Easy to Use

Vooler is designed to be easy to use by the elderly, patients who suffer from memory loss, and various therapy and rehabilitation groups, as well as carers. Vooler offers different user groups their own user interfaces that most suit their needs, and have only the relevant buttons and information. In extreme cases, the end user does not need to do anything, and everything will be automated and effortless.

Why Vooler?

  • Save in home care and rehabilitation costs, as part of the care visits can be provided by a video call.
  • Improves the quality as well as quantity of services, as the end user can request care exactly when they need it.
  • We can create new, flexible care services by using Vooler also in the care provided by family members, either independently or in collaboration with the healthcare services.

Where to Use Vooler

Vooler is suitable for providing many different kinds of services through video calls and meetings.

  • Providing care visits by video calls exactly when needed, reduces costs and increases the amount of care given.
  • Group therapy meetings ease the participation of those with limited mobility or physical disabilities, as well as busy individuals.
  • Friend groups alleviate loneliness when movement is limited.
  • Fitness groups continue rehabilitation services at a distance, when getting to attend meetings in person gets difficult.
  • Hobby club meetings bring people with similar interests together.
  • Attending church services from home when getting there in person is challenging.
  • Video meetings with friends and family brighten the day more than a phone call.
  • Buildings’ janitors can help at a distance with installations or evaluate in advance what should be done on a maintenance visit.


Videokooste Voolerin perusominaisuuksista

  • Works on the most common desktop computers and mobile devices without software installations
    • Desktop browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera
    • Mobile devices: Android phones and tablets (Chrome), iPhone and iPad (Safari)
  • Vooler app for Android and iOS makes using Vooler even more effortless
    • Smartphones: Vooler app from Apple or Google’s app store
    • Tablets: Vooler app pre-installed or installed by a carer
  • User management and user rights managements
  • Electronic accessibility: WCAG AA-level compliant
  • Multilingual: Finnish, swedish, english, additional languages at request
  • User directory, their status
  • Individual as well as group calls
  • Both registered and unregistered end users (anonymous visitors)
  • Care visits done by video call
  • Group meetings and activities by video call
  • Guided group rehabilitation sessions by video call
  • Calls to alert end user’s own carer group
  • Calls with family and friends
  • User groups (eg. Admin, carer, family member, end user)
  • Configuration of features to different user groups
  • Carer may do most things on behalf of the end user (eg. mic on and off)
  • Basic functionalities in video call rooms (eg. mic on / off, camera on / off, chat and screen sharing).

Versatile Customisation

Vooler can be customised to meet all your requirements, including changes to the user interface, new functionalities, APIs, and integrating with the client’s own system.

We do custom solutions together with our development partner Indium Technology Oy. In addition to customising Vooler, they have expertise to prototype and create fully functional mobile and web applications. Read more at https://indium.fi.

Customer Support

  • Live Chat support (office hours)
  • Email support (office hours)
  • Additional cost phone support (6 – 22)


Our team would love to demonstrate the Vooler service and have a chat with you. Ask for a demonstration in Live Chat right away, or book an appointment with our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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All you need:

  1. Microphone and a webcam
  2. Mobile or desktop browser