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Read more about our Vooler based services.

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With video you can create better customer service experiences and tackle issues with more visual approach. Here you can read more about our Vooler based services.

Vooler in healthcare and rehabilitation

Save money and improve the level of your service by providing a portion of your customer support with Vooler video calls, meetings and carer calls.

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Vooler in online sales and customer service

Improve your sales and customer service with fast and easy Vooler video calls on your website, in Live Chats, and on video screens placed in your business spaces.

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Versatile Customisation

Vooler can be customised to meet all your requirements, including changes to the user interface, new functionalities, APIs, and integrating with the client’s own system.

We do custom solutions together with our development partner Indium Technology Oy. Indium has been part of our development team already over 5 years and has also provided custom projects for our customers. In addition to customising Vooler, they have expertise to prototype and create fully functional mobile and web applications. Read more at

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. Microphone & Camera
  2. Mobile or desktop browser