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For a large number of users, please contact us for a quote.

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Below you can read more about our Agent and Shared room subscriptions. If your organization is large and you feel like you would need multiple licenses, please contact us. We are also more than happy to have a test call with you and show how Vooler works.

Subscription plans

Agent room
30 € / month*

A personal video chat room for one agent.

A great option when your agents use the video tools often. With a personal room the video tools are always available for the agent that have the personal room license.

*Price 30 € / month per licence
or 324 € / year

Shared room
100 € / month*

A shared room for the team.

A shared room is usefull when you have multiple agents who do not need personal accounts and use video tools at different times. A shared room is available for all agents but can be used by one agent at a time.

*Price 100 € / month per licence
or 1080 € / year

Additional services

Training and customizing services

We are happy to help you to get the most out of Vooler video chat.

450 € | Online live training for users
500 € | Think tank workshop for business development
2000 € | Two months rollout support

120/h € | Customizing works and development projects


Let’s have a call

We will invite you to a call via link, or you can ask for a call on our Live Chat when available.

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VOOLER requirements

All you need is:

  1. Micprohone & Camera
  2. Mobile or desktop browser