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Read about some of our clients and how VOOLER has helped them.

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Sippe-wellness meetings are for sharing  information while sharing a nice coffee moment together. The meetings have different themes. The discussion takes place around the theme from different perspectives. The theme often involves activities such as bird identification or chair gymnastics. »

Vooler has made it possible to create online meetings to support physical Sippe meetings. Online meetings make it possible for everyone to participate.

Vooler - Lingsoft

Lingsoft is a full-service language management company and one of the leading providers of language services and solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries. We provide a wide range of services and solutions for analysis, processing, production and management of spoken and written language. »

Vooler has been a long term tool for the companys internal communication and training purposes.

Neuroliitto on is an organization of people with MS and rare neurological diseases and their relatives. The association promotes and supervises issues important to them in social decision-making, as well as provides counseling, rehabilitation and housing services. »

Vooler is used by Neuroliitto as an online platform for rehabilitation groups and interactive webinars.


Mainostoimisto Eki&Eke

Mainostoimisto Eki & Eke, less talk and more know-how. Visually distinctive websites and spectacular graphic design. We believe in design, quality and longevity. This way we can offer the most cost effective solution for marketing and visibility for our customers. »

Vooler is a great tool for our customer service. Vooler is easy to use and requires little from the customer. We can utilize screen share feature to assist our customers website management and other issues.



Our company was founded in 1969 and we operate in southern Finland. In addition to car recycling, we also sell new and used automotive spare parts to consumers and businesses all over Finland.

Vooler is being used for online meetings


The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People is an active opinion leader supporting the well-being of elderly people and working for the benefit of member organizations. »

Vooler makes possible to organize eFriend-meetings, training and research interviews online.


Napapiirin Omaishoitajat Association acts to improve and support the position of those in a family care situation and to develop the services and support measures they need in their area. The association provides coaching, guidance, counseling and co-operates with parties promoting family care and organizes peer-to-peer groups, events and other recreational activities.

Vooler is used to organize lectures and casual coffee moments online.

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